Every day 10 people die from asthma. Most healthcare providers agree that these deaths are preventable. Patient education, access to care and a healthy lifestyle are proven methods that lead to less severe asthma symptoms, fewer hospitalizations and emergency department visits, fewer missed days of school and work – and fewer deaths.

Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA), the nation’s only family-founded patient education nonprofit organization, developed the Great American Asthma Challenge – the first-ever national grassroots movement to change asthma care in the U.S. The Great American Asthma Challenge links people with asthma, their families and friends, healthcare providers, legislators and members of the healthcare industry in a shared mission, working at home and in their communities to transform asthma care in a ripple effect across the nation.

Working with a network of families and supporters across the nation, AANMA has been successful at galvanizing people to work together for meaningful change. The award-winning “Breathe: It’s the Law” campaign has now resulted in all 50 states passing laws to protect students’ rights to carry asthma medication at school. “Working together, we can all achieve that same degree of success with the Great American Asthma Challenge,” said Nancy Sander, AANMA founder and president. “We have the power to create a different and better future for generations of people with asthma and related conditions, starting today.”

How it works
Participants log into a new interactive website, take a quick survey to establish a baseline and set goals, then they’re off to complete Challenge activities targeted for three levels of users: families, healthcare providers and legislators. New Challenges will be posted on the website each month. Throughout the Challenge, participants will see survey results and share feedback. The Challenge is self-paced and fun, plugging participants into a network of others who share their struggles, triumphs and goals. At the end of the Challenge, users take a survey to measure their progress.

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