NFL’s Chris Draft Joins AANMA to Kick Off the Great American Asthma Challenge!

Published May - 3 - 2010

NFL linebacker Chris Draft doesn’t let asthma stop him. During a game in college, he remembers lying on the field gasping for breath, wondering if his football days were over. But he learned how to manage his symptoms and take care of himself, drawing on the self-sufficient mindset that his family instilled in him when he was growing up.

The proactive, “can do” approach of the Great American Asthma Challenge resonates with Chris. He motivates children and adults with asthma to take charge of their health through his off-the-field work with his foundation, the Chris Draft Family Foundation. The foundation works in partnership with school districts, local and national health organizations and nonprofit organizations to help families educate themselves about healthy lifestyles and good character. The foundation’s Asthma Team™ is a support network for people and families living with asthma.

Coming Soon: Check AANMA’s Podcasts page to hear Chris speaking at Asthma Awareness Day Capitol Hill!