Getting Started: Quick Tips

Published May - 4 - 2010

There are three main user levels in the Challenge (Families, Healthcare Providers, Legislators). What type of user am I?

People with asthma, their families and friends, and individuals who just want to join the mission to change asthma care –> Select “Families”

Healthcare providers/school nurses, members of the healthcare industry (pharmaceutical and health insurance companies) –> Select “Healthcare Providers”

Legislators, elected government officials –> Select “Legislators”

I am a parent of two (or more) children who have asthma. When taking the questionnaire, I see that I am filling it out “about the person in my life who has asthma.” Which one do I complete the questionnaire about?

Fill out the questionnaire about the person in your family who has the most severe asthma – you’ll be measuring progress at the end of the Challenge. Many of the Challenge activities are for the whole family. If you would like to complete a questionnaire for another child or friend with asthma, you can register with a different e-mail address and username.

Do I have to do the Challenges in order?

Not at all! The Great American Asthma Challenge is self-paced and designed to fit into your lifestyle. Feel free to click around and check out the different Challenges posted each month. You’ll see a variety – some quick and easy (such as reading a magazine article, sharing a link to a health resource on Facebook), others requiring more time and commitment (taking time to sleuth out the source of asthma symptoms; for legislators: hosting a town hall meeting for families with asthma and allergies).

The Great American Asthma Challenge started on May 5, 2010 – what if someone starts after that?

May 5 was the official kick-off of the program – but anyone can join at any time. When someone joins, a full, up-to-date list of Challenges will appear on the user’s dashboard.

Are there any deadlines?

No, nearly all of the Challenges are activities you should be able to do at any time. (Although there are a few seasonal and holiday-related Challenges.)

When is the Challenge over – when am I finished?

The Challenge is self-paced – you decide when you have achieved success. You could participate for a year – or if you’re having fun, learning about ways to overcome asthma, getting involved and don’t want to stop, you can keep going! At the end of the Challenge, you’ll take another questionnaire to measure progress and see what goals you’ve reached.

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